How does your business express itself to the world?

Business names have an innate energy to them that lays the foundation for consumer associations, so companies need to make sure that they get this part right.  In an effort to select better business names, more companies are showing more interest in the role numerology might play in the events and coincidences the business experiences.  Just this year, we saw more numerology cultural references, such as the TV show Touch, as well as exploding numerical domain sales like which sold for $818,181.81., Rick Schwartz’s recent blockbuster $ 1.35 million numeric sales, or DomainPros’ recent 260 numeric portfolio purchase for a cool million.  For those who believe in auspicious numbers, the business expression number is an important consideration in naming their company and purchasing a domain name.

Businesses should consider numerical domains for several reasons.  Numbers are a universal language and have great cultural significance in many cultures.  In fact, having a numeric domain name that is considered good or lucky can influence business deals, investments, partnerships and other transactions with Chinese companies.  This is important for anyone hoping to tap into that growing market fueled by the buying power of approximately 1.4 billion citizens.

Using numbers in a business name can help companies tap into the perceived innate power of a good name, but sometimes figuring out what those numbers should be is difficult.  Some business owners use business numerology to create the right company name and domain.  They believe that a certain combination of numbers and mathematics can attract better business conditions and results if used.  Other companies use numbers in their names to cash in on their customers beliefs.  For example, the number 8 is considered the luckiest number in China and is strongly associated with prosperity and wealth.  A quick internet search will reveal that there are lots casinos and gambling sites with multiple 8s in their name. In fact in 2002, the largest casino operation in the world, 888 Holdings launched its brand under the domain because it successfully taps into its customers’ psychology about being lucky.

Beyond any cultural beliefs and other associations, numeric domain names can be very valuable in decreasing linguistic confusion and in creating a consistent global brand across platforms.  Since the destiny of a company could be influenced by the very letters, numbers and words that make up the name, it makes sense for any businesses interested in a numerical domain to buy now before the best ones are gone.  The number 888 we mentioned earlier is taken in all the major TLDs.  Investing in a numerical domain could really align well with a company’s vision, and what it would like to organically achieve in branding and market share.

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